Fantasy based on the novel “Three Comrades” and the letters of E.M.Remarque

Adapted and directed by Alexander Bargman
Consultations on the text: Darya Golubeva
Translated from Russian: Olivera Pavlovic
Scenography by: Valentin Svetozarev
Costume Design by: Blagoj Micevski
Music: Marjan Necak
Tone: Nikolce Terzievski
Light: Ilija Dimovski
Dramaturge: Olivera Pavlovikj
Piano: Jana Cheteleva Belevska

Stage manager: Miroslav Lazarevski
Prompter: Zorka Gjakovska
Assistant director and translator Dimitar Markov

Premiere: 08.03.2016 yr., Ohrid Summer

Robert Lokamp: Ognen Drangovski
Gottfried Lenz: Nikola Projchevski
Otto Kester: Martin Mirchevski
Patricia Holman: Katerina Anevska
Professor Zhafe / Valentin Gauzer: Boris Corevski
Alphonse / Pastrorot: Peter Mirchevski
Matilda Stos: Juliana Stefanovska
Hasse: Borce Gjakovski
Frau Hasse / Frau Blumenthal: Ilina Corevska
Binding / Blumenthal: Philip Mirchevski
Frau Zalewski: Elena Mose
Erna Benning: Maja Andonovska
Georg Block: Aleksandar Stefanovski
The lady from the bar / nurse: Kristina Nikolova Hristova
He from the bar: Alexander Kopanja


The play Bar Remarque has been inspired by the cult novel Three Comrades by Erich Maria Remarque – one of the most influential novels of the European existentialism between the two world wars, but depicts neither the war nor the politics from that period.

The core of our excellent dramatization in which crucial existential questions are posed, lies in the love story of two young people who through out their ten months’ acquaintance, try to reach the happiness in life. They lure other characters in that love game – the guests of one unusual bar, dreamers and inventors of unbelievable life stories – trying to overcome the monotony and the hopelessness of everyday living, they are capable of playing around with the extravaganza and the downfalls in life.

The extraordinary and experienced director Alexander Bargman offers one clear aesthetic concept, giving the actors freedom in imagination and improvisation in their play, thus creating one immense pleasure for themselves and for the audience, as well.

Olivera Pavlovikj