Federico García Lorca

Directed by: Ljupcho Gjorgjievski
Costume design by: Blagoj Micevski
Scenography by: Valentin Svetozarev
Music: Marjan Necak
Light: Ilija Dimovski

Vocal: Talevska Biljana
Harmonica: Mitrovski Dimitar

Stage manager: Miroslav Lazarevski
Prompter: Radojka Dimeska

Premiere: 14.11.2017

The Mother: Sonja Mihajlova
The Bride: Viktorija Stepanovska-Jankulovska
Leonardo’s wife: Maja Andonovska-Ilievski
The Maid: Juliana Stefanovska
The Neighbour (woman)/Death : Menka Bojadzieva
Leonardo:  Ognen Drangovski
The Groom: Vasko Mavrovski
The Father of The Bride: Boris Chorevski
Fairies/Girls: Sandra Gribovska, Anastazia Hristovska, Hristina Stefanovska
Children: Dimitra Nikolova, Jovana Gorko

Blood Wedding is one of the most prominent texts of the 20th century. Lorca, the great Spanish poet and playwright, wrote it in 1932 and the following year staged it accompanied by enormous success. This play still represents one unflagging source of inspiration and is still present on many theatre stages worldwide. It is a play based on a true story that Lorca had previously read in a newspaper a few years ago. In its core, it is a lyrical romantic tragedy about marriage of convenience, about love and jealousy, about passion and blood feud, about honor and tradition. Written as an inner scream for the traditional Spain before the Francoist dusk where the freedom of the person was drowning in the conventional and the material. That cry that touches us even today, lets loose the two eternal dimensions of being – Eros and Thanatos. The play presents one dance between the two of them leaving the man like a puppet in the storm of passion released by that dance, desperately trying to reach the happiness. Space and historical coordinates split and discharge the mythical matrix where the prosaic present seems like a time bomb.

Ljupcho Gjorgievski