Author: Nicholas Koljada
Director: Marian Gjorgievski
Scene: Valentine Svetozarev
Costumes: Blagoj Micevski
Playwright: Olivera Pavlovic
Light: Dimche Spasevski

Stage manager: Mitko Ivanovski, Dimitar Mihajlovski
Prompter: Radojka Dimeska
Premiere: 09.02.2015

Juliana Mircevska
Catherine Anevska
Sonja Oshavkova
Alexander Dimitrov
Nikolce Projchevski

Nikolay Kolyada, “the sun of the Russian dramaturgy”, as he called himself on an occasion and as others worldwide consider him to be, some ironically some out of admiration – more than three decades is the main  focus of interest in the sphere of theatre.  The most renowned theatres in Russia stage his plays; they are translated in many languages and are performed in Germany, Italy, England, USA, Switzerland…

The “phenomenon Kolyada” is not accidental in the theatre: he is one remarkable playwright – the analysis of his plays is attention-grabbing for there is a lot to contemplate on. Kolyada may be brutal with his naturalism, he does not offer consolation for life as it is, although he does not make the man feel hopeless in his pursuit to conquer the void and nothingness. By accepting the play of his life as his own life, his characters create the opportunity for accepting  themselves as human, thus accepting the world of their own possibilities as a good world for them, too.

Olivera Pavlovikj