Author: Ivan Viripaev
Directed by: Marjan Gjorgjievski
Music by: Aleksandar Dimovski
Scenography by: Valentin Svetozarev
Costume design by: Blagoj Micevski

Stage manager: Mitko Ivanovski
Prompter: Zorka Gjakovska

Ilina Chorevska
Valentine Gramosly
Sonja Оshavkova
Maja Andonovska – Ilijevski
Angela Dimitrova
Nikola Projchevski
Aleksandar Dimitrovski
Zivko Borisovski
Nikola Stefanov

Our life is feeble and full of mundane problems; the machinery of capitalism deprives us of our basic ethical and moral values, making us hypocrites, empty inside, lost, wretched and incapable of changing and becoming better people.

We have lost ourselves, and the ones beside us turn into corpses who can accept us only due to a mechanism; we fancy ourselves gods on earth and our sole achievement is an inflated ego – we have become nothing but mouths filled with our own praise.

No answers are given by this play, only questions posed: what does truth mean, what have we gained, what have we done, what are we today like, how to explain to ourselves that we are the lost generation, that we have forgotten to forgive – just like at the finish line of the race, we understand that nothing makes sense, that everything is dull.

And that is the moment when the silence takes place, that’s when the bitter comedy starts – “The Drunks”.

Marjan Gjeorgjievski, director