Directed by: Ljubisha Georgievski
Scenography and costume design by: Meri Georgievska
Music by: Marjan Nekjak
Lighting by: Ilija Dimovski
Sound: Nikolche Terzievski

Premiere: 14.03.2015

Hecuba: Gabriela Petrushevska
Agamemnon: Petar Mirchevski
Colonel: Slobodan Stepanovski
Stage manager: Mirko Lazarevski
Prompter: Radojka Dimeska

The seven parts of this play depict all our stories about the demolition, the atrocities, the peace and the war, the truth and the lie, the man and the woman, about the past that painfully lasts in PRESENT, about the human lusts and failures, about the perniciousness of putting to death. To make this text deeper, Georgievski dedicates it to “the Macedonian mothers who gave birth to one child more than the enemies could slay”. There is not a single moment of void left by this theatre, nor a shadow that wanders around the corners of the stage. This is a theatre that the theatre looks forward to.

Biljana Krajchevska, dramaturge