Author: Piter Turini
Directed by: Jovan Ristovski
Dramaturge: Biljana Krajchevska
Scenography by: Valentin Svetozarev
Costume Design by: Blagoj Micevski
Lighting by: Igor Micevski
Tone: Nikolce Terzievski

Stage manager: Miroslav Lazarevski
Photo: Aleksandar Jonacikj

season 2017

Alexander Kopanja – the man
Elena Mose – the woman

A contemporary comedy revealing romance and honesty and putting an emphasis on the core human questions. What’s the world we live in? What’s the human civilization we’ve been brought up like? How are we going to develop? What we are going to evolve in? What is the impact of the high tech on the human race and nature on planet Earth?

The lady walks into a sex shop out of curiosity and the shop assistant most kindly and professionally shows her the sex toys. There is a spontaneous meeting between the characters who later on, through out the intrigues and in a humorous way, reveal their frustrations and complexes. Thus, the author indirectly depicts the contemporary image of the European citizens and their fate.