Author  Liljana Abadzieva
Directed by: Liljana Abadzieva
Scenography and costume design by: Vasil Abadziev
Music by: Liljana Abadzieva
Lighting by: Igor Micevski

Based on Chekhov’s “Platonov”, Seren Kirgekor’s “Diary of a Seducer” and the poetry of Baudelaire, Rimbaud and Cortazar.

Photography and graphic design: Petar Tasevski and Vasil Abadziev
Stage manager: Mirko Lazarevski
Lighting by: Ilija Dimovski, Igor Micevski
Tone: Aleksandar Dimovski
Technical director: Petar Trajchevski

Premiere: 28th and 29th December 2015

Marjan Gjorgjievski
Katerina Anevska
Vasko Mavrovski
Martin Mirchevski
Viktorija Stepanovska-Jankulovska
Nikola Projchevski
Kristina Hristova-Nikolova
Ivan Jerchik
Fillip Mirchevski
Sandra Gribovska

In order to discover something about him, a man should know everything about other people. There shouldn’t be a mood that cannot be felt, or a dead way of life that cannot be brought to life. Is this absurd? Not, in my opinion. When the mechanism of all actions is revealed to us in details, thus setting us free from the self-imposed burden of moral responsibility – the scientific law of delight grows to be a guarantee for contemplative existence.  It shows us in an eloquent way that we are least free when we suffer to act most.  That law traps us within walls and writes on it the prophecy of our destiny.  It is in vain to search for it, for that law is within us. Perhaps we will not notice it, except in a mirror that reflects our soul.

Liljana Abadzieva, director