Author: Sasho Kokalanov

Director: Srgjan Janikjijevikj

Scenography: Marija Veteroska

Costume design: Lidija Georgieva

Choreography: Aleksandra Kochovska – Nacheva

Music: Srgjan Janikjijevikj, Andrej Naunov

Sound design: Aleksandar Dimovski

Lighting design: Ilija Tarchugovski

Lighting technician: Goran Petrovski

Stage manager: Miroslav Lazarevski

Prompter: Gordana Mihajlovska

Photography: Aleksandar Bunevski


Premiere: 06.12.2019


Adila – Sandra Gribovska

Andrea – Anastazia Hristovska

Father Martin – Ognen Drangovski

Mother Matea – Valentina Gramosli

Ramin the Parrot – Nikolche Projchevski

Nova – Nikola Stefanov

Policeman Mende – Filip Mirchevski

Grandmother Menche – Elena Moshe

Once upon a time in the future

Once Upon a Time in the Future is a play depicting the struggle of the new generations to fix the mistakes of the previous ones. It is a story of the friendship that will save the world or at least leave one light turned on in the tunnel, to twinkle in the darkness.

Adila, a refugee from the East, along with her parrot Ramin, are on their way to the Destination in search of the future they’ve been dreaming of all their lives – peaceful and wealthy place to live in. On their way, destiny takes them to the house of Andrea, one lonely girl from the future, girl who has everything that Adila and Ramin lack – money, food, advanced technologies and peace above all, but she doesn’t have what they have: the joy of life, hope and friends. That encounter turns into friendship when the two realize that they can help each other a lot.

Sasho Kokalanov, author


We live in a world where the virtual reality, literary, but also figuratively, in the deconstructed 21 century, clashes with the bleak medieval concept of society. The reality melts into the information virtuality, the collective conscience is ethically disrupted, so the basic values such as empathy, trust and ultimately love are seen through the lens of great skepticism. In a world like this, one little girl escapes from her ruined homeland, and other little girl wants to escape from the bleak, insensitive and alienated reality of the modern world.

Srgjan Janikjijevikj, director