Author: Goran Stefanovski
Directed by: Angelcho Ilievski
Scenography by: Valentin Svetozarev
Music: Marjan Necak
Costume Design by: Blagoj Micevski

Photo: Aleksandar Jonacikj

Premiere: 01.04.2017

Jakov: Martin Mirchevski
Bozo: Peter Mirchevski
Paraskeva: Gabriela Petrushevska
Kristina: Katerina Anevska
Nove: Philip Mirchevski

In the chaotic time we live in, time when theatre and art have lost their path, I’ve had an urge to work on this text, “The False Bottom” by Goran Stefanovski. Equipped with a quite serious team, we managed to create a play that poses many crucial questions. Freedom for the artist and their position, the set of values in theatre and art – for I have the feeling that all of that has been lost, lately. The play echoes the voice of the artist for freedom. The artist must be the main critic of the establishment, the artist must keep the vigilant eye on the society, carefully noticing all anomalies and commenting all of them. That is the mission of the artist. No matter the different authorities, the artist is required to point all the mistakes and every wrong decision made. For the artist becomes a slave when he sells his own soul to the establishment, thus putting an end to his freedom. Freedom is a choice, just like the obedience.

Angelcho Ilievski, director