Based on The Bridge by Loren van Velter
Translation from Bulgarian: Aleksandar Kopanja  
Director and adaptation: Marjan Gjorgjievski
Scenography: Valentin Svetozarev
Costume design: Blagoj Micevski
Choreography: Valentino Apostolovski
Sound design: Nikolche Terzievski
Lighting design: Goran Petrovski
Stage manager: Dimitar Mihajlovski
Make-up artist: Sasho Martinovski
Photography: Ljupcho Ilievski
Cover design, making and idea : Sasho Ilkovski, Ilina Chorevska
Video operator: Vladimir PerelovskiFilip Oshavkov
Premiere: 19, February 2021
NI National Theatre – Bitola
AZ (a man from the upper class): Aleksandar Kopanja
BU (a man from the middle class): Marjan Gjorgjievski
The Beggar: Valentin Svetozarev
Bridge.  At the stroke of midnight. Only the moon and the two suiciders. Meeting by chance or meeting on purpose? Being on the edge of their existence, these two characters raise fundamental questions about the meaning of life. The world we live in takes a journey from the psychological reality to the absurd triviality and that is an enormous range, a hole you fall into and examine love, family and society issues highlighting the distorted image of the modern man.  A test for capitalism.
This a play for freedom and democracy no matter how much abused, for self-censorship and for the ones who gave up too early from the true existing, for the loneliness, for the lost touch and for being so lost hurrying after the false values. Who is the real man today? What should they be like? How many masks do we put on in order to function in the grim reality and its botched standards?
The fear of dying and the fear of living truthfully.
Marjan Gjorgjievski