Iddo Netanyahu
Happy end

Directed by Blagoj Micevski
Translated by: Anna Vasileva
Playwright: Olivera Pavlovic
Art Director: Valentin Svetozarev
Costume Designer: Blagoj Micevski
Music: Marjan Necak
Light: Ilija Dimovski
Video: Antonio Bozinovski
Photos: Aleksandar Bunevski
Design: Aleksandar Mitrevski

Stage manager: Mirko Lazarevski
Prompter: Radojka Dimeska

premiere: June 2015

Lea Erdman: Kristina Hristova Nikolova
Dieter Kraft: Ognen Drangovski
Mark Erdman: Marjan Gjorgevski
Anna: Viktorija Stepanovska Jankulovska
Hans Erdmann: Aleksandar Kopanja
Martha: Katerina Anevska

The dramatic conflict in the play Happy End mainly focuses on one particular problem for the modern man – interpretation of reality beyond one’s own life and one’s own perceptions for it: the influence of unrecognizing or unwilling to recognize the signs of the time we live in, on the intimate, internal and family life, as well as the search for actualizing one’s own life in a sate of isolating oneself from reality finding an (in)appropriate answer to that reality.

The play of the Israeli playwright Iddo Netanyahu, captures an atmosphere of a time, seemingly different from the one we live in, the 30s of the 20th century in Germany. Berlin lives the life of a European centre of culture, the cafés, the theatres, the halls, are all crowded – night life in abundance in the streets. A liberal and well-off Jewish family integrated in that “fascinating world of ideas”, as referred by one of the characters, captivated by the city, refuses to notice the obvious – the real danger threatening them – the galloping Nazism…

By means of constant fight between the external reality and the internal world of the characters, the author creates drama of continual tension in the relations – the characters facing the basic moral and existential issues for their own lives, still linger in the existence crisis.

Indeed, the action develops into drama for what is referred to as real and truthful life: whether the passion for life and free choice to accept or not to accept the challenge of reality will lead to a happy end.

Olivera Pavlovikj